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"Before I discovered the 90X® Planner, my life was a little bit scattered.I was a little bit unfocused and unclear with exactly what I had to do to make my dream goal a reality. The biggest breakthrough I’ve had when using the planner is when I realized it’s all about staying focused on the actions I need to take and holding myself accountable."

Brenda Sillas

How to set goals with 90X Goal Planner system

This is more than just a goal planner, it’s a life planner. Writing down your goals and going over them every week has been proven that the people who do this are more successful at achieving their goals. Setting goals is very important because they help you to see what it is that you want and what you should do to get there.


"After leaving my corporate job, I had an endless list of dreams and things I wanted to accomplish. I had spent years writing down goal after goal without completing any of them. The 90X® Action Planner really helped learn how to set goals. I am able take all my ideas, put them in one place, expand on them and actually bring them to execution."

Love Loren Michelle

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